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Senior Investigator

Jonathan L Katz, Ph.D.

Psychobiology Section

Room 06A711A
251 Bayview Boulevard Suite 200
Baltimore MD 21224
Office: 443-740-2582
Lab: 443-740-2582
Fax: 443-740-2829

Jonathan L. Katz, Ph.D., Chief, Psychobiology Section, NIDA.

Post-doctoral Training - Psychobiology Laboratory, Harvard Medical School (advisor: Dr. W. H. Morse)

Ph. D. - Department of Psychology, University of Maryland (thesis advisor: Dr. James E. Barrett)

B.S. - Psychology, University of Maryland

The scope of research in Dr. Katz’s laboratory is to examine the pharmacological mechanisms that underlie the behavioral effects of abused drugs that are involved in their abuse liability. The research is focused on CNS molecular targets that substantially modify various behavioral effects that predict abuse liability, such as the self-administration of drugs or assessments of their subjective effects, and developed specific hypotheses regarding these. Highly selective compounds are used to characterization actions at these targets. The laboratory is specifically interested in elucidating how actions within the CNS are transduced into reinforcing effects that lead to drug abuse, with a primary focus on stimulant drugs. The research program is currently studying the roles of the dopamine transport system and several other targets, including sigma receptors, that modulate the effects of cocaine. In addition, they are also working toward the discovery of novel agents that may serve as leads for the discovery of compounds effective in the medical treatment of drug abuse or several other neuropsychiatric disorders.

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