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Annual Meeting and Events

CCB Annual Meeting

The 4th Annual Meeting was planned to be on Friday, October 2nd, 2020 on the main NIH campus in Bethesda, MD in The Cloisters (Building 60). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting will most likely not be in a physical location, but online. Further details will be distributed through our email list. Please mark your calendars to keep that day open.

We are still in the planning stages, so the registration for the 2020 CCB Annual Meeting is not yet open. Please check back later.

If you would like to keep up with CCB events, please consider signing up for the COMPULISIVE-BEHAVIOR email list or send a signup request to Roland Bock.

About the CCB Annual Meeting

The CCB Annual Meeting is a day-long event for CCB Council members, faculty, fellows and all other interested parties to come together and share research projects and ideas about compulsive behaviors. Throughout the course of teh event, attendees are encouraged to network, ask questions, and engage in discussion with each other and the the many distinguished guest speakers.

There is no fee to attend, though pre-registration is requested for proper planing.

CCB Events


Online Journal Club 6/9/2020 WebEx
Summer ‘20 Seminar 6/12/2019 Online Seminar via WebEx
4th Annual Retreat 10/2/2020 The Cloisters (Bldg. 60), Bethesda - location still to be determined


Online Journal Club 5/12/2020 WebEx
Online Journal Club 4/14/2020 WebEx
Online Journal Club 3/10/2020 WebEx
Online Journal Club 2/11/2020 WebEx
Online Journal Club 1/14/2020 WebEx
Winter ‘19 Seminar 12/13/2019 NIDA, Baltimore
Online Journal Club 12/10/2019 WebEx
3rd Annual Retreat 9/20/2019 The Cloisters (Bldg. 60), Bethesda
Summer ‘19 Seminar 6/21/2019 Porter Building 35, Bethesda
Spring ‘19 Seminar 4/12/2019 Building 40, Bethesda
Winter ‘18 Seminar 12/7/2018 Porter Building 35, Bethesda
2nd Annual Retreat 9/14/2018 The Cloisters (Bldg. 60), Bethesda
Summer ‘18 Seminar 2 6/1/2018 Porter Building 35, Bethesda
Summer ‘18 Seminar 1 5/4/2018 Porter Building 35, Bethesda
Spring ‘18 Seminar 2/23/2018 Building 49, Bethesda
Winter ‘17 Seminar 11/3/2017 NIDA, Balitmore
Inaugural Symposium 9/25/2017 Natcher Building, Balcony B, Bethesda