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Dr. Jun Ma

2019 CCB Fellow

Jun Ma

Jun Ma, a 2019 CCB Fellow, is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Unit on the Neurobiology of Affective Memory, National Institute of Mental Health under the mentorship of Mario A. Penzo. As a CCB Fellow, the goal of Jun's proposed research is to gain a better understanding of the PVT function in both positive and negative emotional responses. Specifically, Jun plans to use photometry (including fiber photometry, 1-photon and 2-photon) to record PVT activity and optogenetics to manipulate the activity of PVT circuits to assess behavioral changes that occur during compulsive fear stress.

Jun received his PhD degree in neurobiology from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2016. Jun have a broad background in biology, psychology, and neuroscience, with specific training and expertise in performing behavioral experiments.